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12/05/2013     Faith Leaders Join Pope Francis In Supporting New Campaign to End Hunger

09/25/2013     Faith & Military Leaders Praise US for Signing Arms Treaty

09/24/2013     Clinton Global Initiative Recognizes, Honors South Sudan Bishop

06/03/2013     Clergy, Generals, & Kids Urge US Sens Not to Join N. Korea, Iran & Syria

04/30/2013     Faithful Empower Thousands Concerning Keystone in Lead Up to MA Elections

04/10/2013     Ad Campaign Asks Why Senators & NRA Are Siding with Dictators

04/2/2012        Arms Trade Treaty Adopted by UN & Heads to Obama to Sign

03/29/2013      Arms Trade Treaty Delay Increases Likelihood Of U.S. Siging Final Treaty

03/14/2013      Nobel Laureates, Celebrities, Retired Generals, Faith Leaders, and Legal Professionals Join Growing Chorus in Support of the Arms Trade Treaty

10/15/2012    Poll: Helping the Working Poor Should Be Top Government Priority

09/19/2012    Video Pits Romney Against Romney on the Poor

08/15/2012    American Values Network Responds to FRC Shooting

08/11/2012     TV Ad: Paul Ryan’s Values Based on Ayn Rand, Not The Bible

07/24/2012    Draft Arms Trade Treaty Released:  Faith & Military Leaders Optimistic

07/12/2012    Faith and Military Leaders Refute NRA Falsehood on ATT

05/20/2012    AVN Supports Sen. Moran’s Bill On Arms Trade Treaty

05/20/2012    Republican Budget Driven by “Moral” Teachings of Atheist Ayn Rand

02/23/2012    100 Top Christian Leaders Say Faith Attacks On President Obama Weaken Christian Witness

02/09/2012    Tea Party Jesus, The One Leader CPAC Can Follow

01/19/2012    Full Video of Tea Party Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mall” Released

01/17/2012    Animated Video: What if Jesus Had Been In the Tea Party?

10/07/2011    Faith and Military Leaders Say Victor Bout’s Trial Highlights Need for Arms Trade Treaty

09/12/2011    Ad Campaign Targets Rep. Mack For Undermining America’s Moral, Security and Fiscal Priorities

05/10/2011    New Mexico Highlights Disconnect Between Key GOP Leaders and Christian Base

03/14/2011    American Values Network Lands Top National Award Along with 3 Other Awards for Excellence

12/15/2010    Christian Leaders Condemn Kyl/DeMint Attempt to Use Christmas to Derail New START

04/14/2010    Judge’s Decision Means More Children will Die in Vieques and Threatens the Safety of All Americans

09/23/2009    TIME Magazine Highlights Health Crisis on Vieques Following New Revelations About Weapons                                    Testing

09/18/2009    American Values Network Announces National Advisory Committee

08/24/2009    American Values Network Launches “Thank You” Radio Spots Thanking Members of Congress for                                 Leadership on Energy Bill

08/11/2009    350K is a Great Start, Now Let’s Roll!!

07/29/2009    American Values Network Releases White Paper: Vieques Today, A Sea of Broken Promises

07/02/2009    It Is Time To End The Pain On Vieques

06/23/2009    American Values Network Launches Colorado Media Tour On Passing Energy Bill and Why It                                       Matters to National Security

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